What I do

Rafal Ostropolski

Sound Designer

I am a Bachelor’s degree graduate with years of experience designing audio for various media – flexible and open to new freelance projects and game studio job offers.
I love games, travel and making sure everything sounds awesome!

Field Recording

Creating a professional list of required assets, gathering resources and creatively attaining what is supposedly impossible


Making sure all assets serve their desired function and trigger flawlessly as a foundation of complex audio systems


Building fully immersive worlds with realistic soundscapes and emitters

Mixing and Mastering

Delivering cohesive product adhering to loudness standards and platform requirements

Asset Design

From simple editing to complex layering, this stage ensures that each sound conveys desired emotions and stands unique


Whether it's animation, commercial, trailer or film, linear audio is a crucial component in making an impact and telling the story

Audio Repair

Utilizing the latest technology and software to recover as well as enhance all recorded sound

and much more!

Audiobooks, motion comics, sonic branding and any audio your project might need

What I use